François has always had a strong interest in drawing for as long as he can remember, and started painting a few years ago. For the time being he learns and uses acrylic paint, enjoying its flexibility and versatility in effects. Most of the paintings are done on canvas, some on hard paper. Sometimes mixed with watercolour, pencil, charcoal or ink.
His current work is mostly figurative, with a strong interest in the human figure and especially portraits. Having a photography background, he is interested in combining the contemporary look and compositions of photography with the picturality of traditional painting. The style oscillates between spontaneous coarseness, and dedication to relevant details. Sometimes he adds a pinch of unexpected elements.
His sources of inspiration are photography, an eclectic set of figurative works from multiple periods (classic, baroque, late-19th century) and contemporary artists. Natural scenery and lighting conditions are also influencing his search. On a more graphical note, he keeps an eye on generative art and its interactions with science, mathematics, and geometry.